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About me:I am a Minecraft player who loves listing to audio books, playing Minecraft, snd creating fantasy worlds!
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Are you using any mods (yes/no)?:


Steps to Reproduce the Bug:

In the tutorial when you head to Ancelot, you learn about breaking rocks and trees. After this you mine the large stone to his right. When you mine it it says {profession-name}.

Expected Result (What you would expect to happen if there was no bug):

I would see something along the lines of Mining, not a placeholder.

Actual Result (What actually happened):

I get showed {profession-name} next to the skill bar above my hotbar in the mining tutorial.

Provide Proof (Screenshots, video ETC):Β 


Severity (In your opinion how much did this bug affect your gameplay):

Not that important but annoying and can be confusing for new players.

Profession Placeholder Issue in MMOCore. about 1 year ago