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Welcome to Random Weekly Topics!
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About me: Hi! I'm Gemmbank but most people know me as Gem! I'm Thalwyrn's Marketing Manager, so if you have any enquires, feel free to message!
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10 months ago

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Random Weekly Topics, where a random topic will appear before your very eyes each week!

This week's topic is... Minecraft! (10/10 first topic I know πŸ˜‰) So What I would like to know is...

What is your favourite feature in Minecraft and why?


I'll start! My favourite feature/ animal are the Horses (Especially Sunshine and Dump Burrito, I'm watching you Wild πŸ‘€) they make travel so much easier in the game, especially when going on an adventure!


That is all for this week's Random Weekly Topic! I will see you next Friday with a new one!

Gem πŸ’Ž

Thalwyrn Marketing Manager