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Welcome to Random Weekly Topics!
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About me: Hi! I'm Gemmbank but most people know me as Gem! I'm Thalwyrn's Marketing Manager, so if you have any enquires, feel free to message!
over 2 years ago

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Random Weekly Topics, where a random topic will appear before your very eyes each week!

This week's topic is... Minecraft! (10/10 first topic I know ????) So What I would like to know is...

What is your favourite feature in Minecraft and why?


I'll start! My favourite feature/ animal are the Horses (Especially Sunshine and Dump Burrito, I'm watching you Wild ????) they make travel so much easier in the game, especially when going on an adventure!


That is all for this week's Random Weekly Topic! I will see you next Friday with a new one!

Gem ????

Thalwyrn Marketing Manager