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Random Weekly Topic - Week 2! Video Games!
Gem Marketing Manager
Management Member
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About me: Hi! I'm Gemmbank but most people know me as Gem! I'm Thalwyrn's Marketing Manager, so if you have any enquires, feel free to message!
about 1 year ago

Random Weekly Topics - Week 2!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not posting a random weekly topic for 4 months, I have been a busy bee behind the scenes.

This week's random weekly topic is Video Games! What is your favourite video game, and What video games coming out soon do you want?

For me, my favourite video game is currently Disney Dreamlight Valley! I honestly love that game as it has the animal crossing vibes but Disney style.

A video game coming out soon I want is Slime Rancher 2! A fun fact about me is the original Slime Rancher was my first game I bought/ played on Steam! How Cool!

Well, that is all for this week's Random Topic and do let me know in the comments below about your favourite video game and a video game coming out soon you want!

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Gem ????

Thalwyrn Marketing Manager

jp067 Game Master
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About me: Hello folks. Iโ€™m impulsive but patient. You can use me as a messenger to the management team to pass on your worries and hopes for the server. All good ideas are greatly appreciated and all of them will be rightfully credited to its source. Hope to see you guys in game and finally my motto: Gotta Raid โ€˜Em All
about 1 year ago

Hello there. For favorite games I would say either Minecraft (kinda obvious as if u check my disc it will probably tell u im in the game) or Yu-Gi-Oh!โ€™s various mobile games such as Duel Links, Master Duels and CrossDuel. As for upcoming games maybe Iโ€™ll show some interest in this Pokรฉmon gen.

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ahobowhosnameisu Lead Developer
Developer Member
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about 1 year ago

Minecraft :)

Minecraft 2 is favorite upcoming game (Thalwyrn)

I also enjoy Diablo 3.

Am 2 poor 4 new games.