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Confirmed Resolved Ifrit masterpiece resources
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jp067 Game Master
16 posts
12 topics
About me: Hello folks. I’m impulsive but patient. You can use me as a messenger to the management team to pass on your worries and hopes for the server. All good ideas are greatly appreciated and all of them will be rightfully credited to its source. Hope to see you guys in game and finally my motto: Gotta Raid β€˜Em All
11 months ago

Your Minecraft Username: jp067

Are you using any mods (yes/no)?: yes

Steps to Reproduce the Bug:

  • mine copper and coal for Ifrit Quest;
  • after getting all resources go back to Ifrit to submit the materials.

Expected Result (What you would expect to happen if there was no bug): Ifrict deduces 10 copper and 20 coal from my inventory

Actual Result (What actually happened): Ifrit deduces 1 copper and 1 coal

Provide Proof (Screenshots, video ETC): dont have any

Severity (In your opinion how much did this bug affect your gameplay): 1/10 as it does not prevent the quest from moving forward in any way

Last edited: 11 months ago
ahobowhosnameisu Lead Developer
Developer Member
8 posts
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11 months ago

Fixed, wrong syntax for amount. Should now remove proper amounts.

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