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Feature Request Template (NOT FOR QUESTS)
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11 months ago

Feature Request Template

Is something missing?
Do you know of a feature that would make the server better?
Is there a QoL feature you think could help players?
Do you have some 11/10 ideas that we just need to implement?

Great! Follow the template below to make your suggestion.

Make sure to CONFIRM your suggestion hasn't already been made by someone else.

This template is NOT for suggesting quest ideas. That can be found here. (Link not provided yet)


Please create a NEW topic using the template below, making the title of your post relevant to the suggestion you are making.

Your Minecraft Username:Β 

Describe the feature:

How will the feature affect players in Thalwyrn?:

What would your ideal implementation of this feature look like?:

If this feature is an existing plugin, provide a link to where it can be found:



After filling this in if you need to change something about your post please do so in a comment.


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