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Lerndmina Management Member
Registered:7 months ago
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About me:Founder & System Administrator for Thalwyrn. If the server is down. I probably broke it.
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@ahobowhosnameisu what do you think?

Medium Armor about 1 month ago

Bug Confirmed & Fixed.


Broken Water Physics about 1 month ago

@ahobowhosnameisu I'll leave this one for you :)

Bug Confirmed.

Silver Band about 1 month ago

Thanks for the report. We've known about this issue for a little while and have forwarded details of the issue to the plugin developers. We are yet to hear back or have a fix pushed. I will let you know when this happens.

Bug Confirmed.

Class Skills after Class change about 1 month ago

Hey JP, this is not a bug we can fix as we don't write the plugin that handles item crafting. Essentially when an item generates for the crafting display, it runs the same calculation as it would when you actually craft the item. I'm going to mark this bug as invalid.

Bug unfixable.


Armor Names (Unfixable, known issue) about 1 month ago
Welcome !
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