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Hey, this is already a thing, unfortunately the old schematics world didn't survive our last migration to a new host, so was lost months ago, however there is a world calledย void which has the same purpose, you can useย /mvtp void to access it. I have better backup systems in place now so this shouldn't happen again

Schem World about 1 month ago

Please post theme ideas for towns in the new world as comments below this post :)



Town Theme Suggestions about 1 month ago

Yeah, as far as I can see the probability doesn't change.


I'll have a look at it some more later ๐Ÿ‘

Skill "Channel Elements" Description about 1 month ago

It looks to me the burn damage increases, I'll look more into what the skill is actually doing later

@ahobowhosnameisu would you be able to provide some insight?

Skill "Channel Elements" Description about 1 month ago

Hey @jp067 can you confirm with me this still happens?

Class Skills after Class change about 1 month ago