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Approved; Will Implement Medium Armor
jp067 Game Master
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About me: Hello folks. Iโ€™m impulsive but patient. You can use me as a messenger to the management team to pass on your worries and hopes for the server. All good ideas are greatly appreciated and all of them will be rightfully credited to its source. Hope to see you guys in game and finally my motto: Gotta Raid โ€˜Em All
about 1 year ago

Your Minecraft Username: jp067

Describe the feature: Change the experience gained from crafting Medium Armor from Crafting Experience to Leather Processing Experienceย 

How will the feature affect players in Thalwyrn?: It should make it easier to lvl up Leather Processing, a necessary production skill to craft Repair Kits, which in turn allow players to maintain their current equipment.ย 

What would your ideal implementation of this feature look like?: I do not understand the question.

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Wild Founder ???? SysAdmin
Management Member
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About me: Founder & System Administrator for Thalwyrn. If the server is down. I probably broke it.
about 1 year ago

@ahobowhosnameisu what do you think?

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Thalwyrn Sysadmin
When stuff breaks it's usually my fault.
ahobowhosnameisu Lead Developer
Developer Member
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about 1 year ago

Good suggestion, I'll have to take a look at the various crafting profession experiences, though I doubt it'll cause any issues. Light Armor already gives Fiber Processing Experience so it makes sense. I'll implement the change soon.