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Staff Handbook
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Remember this:

Being a staff member is not all about getting power, being able to sort out problems for players, or even just playing on the server more.

It's about participating within the community and making people feel welcome and cheerful in your presence. When you become a staff member. You are partly responsible for Thalwyrn’s reputation, so remember. Uphold it.

Let's go through a few key points on being a good staff member:

  • Be friendly and make the players feel welcomed and respected.

  • Deal with players' problems in a calm, collective and unbiased manner, while keeping personal life and the server separate.

  • Actively take part in the community.

  • Have a professional manner.

Be friendly and make the players feel welcomed and respected:

While you are a staff member it is your responsibility to be friendly towards players and other members of staff alike. This allows the players to fully express their creativity when it comes to roleplaying on the server. This makes you look like a good staff member and will reflect on you in a positive way. If a player feels respected, they are less likely to break the rules and annoy staff which in turn helps other payers’ experiences on the server.


Deal with player’s problems in a calm, collective and unbiased manner, while keeping personal life and the server separate:

When a player thinks of a staff member, they think of dealing with players that are breaking rules and having issues. This is mainly the truth. A sign of a bad staff member is when they allow a player’s actions to anger them. If you are angry while dealing with a situation with a player, you are more likely to make an unfair decision dictated by your emotions, rather than the evidence presented. 


Staff Rules:

Staff members must first follow the standard rules defined on the server. With the added responsibility of being a staff member comes some extra rules you must abide by. These rules are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to a member of the senior staff team they will be happy to help you out.


TODO: Extra staff rules


Player Punishment Table:

All of the below guidelines are up to the determination of the specific staff member and can be adjusted to fit the situation.

NOTE FOR PLAYERS; These guidelines can and will be adjusted to fit the situation, appeals solely due to a staff member modifying your punishment length outside guidelines will not be accepted.

A lot of these offenses should be caught by our automated system so staff should only be required to step in when automation fails.

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