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ahobowhosnameisu Developer Member
Registered:about 1 year ago
Last Seen:17 days ago
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Probability does not change for the proc chances, I'll change the color/make them grey so that it's more clear that those are static while duration/damage does increase. I'll post the results in #testers channel

Skill "Channel Elements" Description 4 months ago

Resolved :) Drag and drop the silver bands into a new slot to fix the pre-existing bands you may have.

Silver Band 7 months ago

Good suggestion, I'll have to take a look at the various crafting profession experiences, though I doubt it'll cause any issues. Light Armor already gives Fiber Processing Experience so it makes sense. I'll implement the change soon.


Medium Armor 7 months ago

Fixed, wrong syntax for amount. Should now remove proper amounts.

Ifrit masterpiece resources 7 months ago

Issue has been fixed, location condition did not have correct coordinates. Quest should now be able to be progressed as intended.

Goblin Count Bug 7 months ago