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Bug Reports Template
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4 months ago

Bug Reports Template

Has something gone wrong?

Did you get an unexpected item?

Is the server more broken than usual?

Did a quest fail to work?

If you answered yes to any of these and feel like you might be able to repeat the issue, it might be a good time to open a bug report below.

Please make sure to gather evidence, screenshots, etc and upload them to IMGUR / YOUTUBE


Make sure to CONFIRM your bug isn't already listed on our forums.



Template: please copy and fill this in in a NEW post.

Your Minecraft Username:ย 

Are you using any mods (yes/no)?:

Steps to Reproduce the Bug:

  • Join the server / Open the menu / Begin the quest
  • ...
  • ...

Expected Result (What you would expect to happen if there was no bug):

Actual Result (What actually happened):

Provide Proof (Screenshots, video ETC):ย 

Severity (In your opinion how much did this bug affect your gameplay):



After filling this in if you need to change something about your post please do so in a comment.

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