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Implemented Schem World
☆ bliss Game Master Member
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About me: mainly a builder for thalwyrn
7 months ago

Your Minecraft Username: blisskink

Describe the feature: A world where builders can go to get schematics to be placed in the schem world, things like the different trees that players are able to chop down, wagons, houses, fancy decor etc... 

How will the feature affect players in Thalwyrn?: make it easier to understand what trees are able to be chopped?

What would your ideal implementation of this feature look like?: just a flat world with loads of different schematics 

If this feature is an existing plugin, provide a link to where it can be found: 

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gamemaster & builder
i help out with building mostly :)

OfficiallyNebula Founder
Management Member
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7 months ago

@Wild @Samtactical - See this, would highly suggest we bring back the schematics world, if not already.

Wild Founder ???? SysAdmin
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About me: Founder & System Administrator for Thalwyrn. If the server is down. I probably broke it.
7 months ago

Hey, this is already a thing, unfortunately the old schematics world didn't survive our last migration to a new host, so was lost months ago, however there is a world called void which has the same purpose, you can use /mvtp void to access it. I have better backup systems in place now so this shouldn't happen again

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Thalwyrn Sysadmin
When stuff breaks it's usually my fault.