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Gem Marketing Manager
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About me: Hi! I'm Gemmbank but most people know me as Gem! I'm Thalwyrn's Marketing Manager, so if you have any enquires, feel free to message!
over 2 years ago

Hi Everyone!

I'm Gemmbank but most people call me Gem. I am the Marketing Manager for Thalwyrn, so you will see me posting on here A LOT.

Here are 5 Facts about me!

1) I love musical theatre! My top 3 shows at the moment are Six, Heathers and Waitress!

2) I'm a video game nerd, I love all things video games, especially Minecraft and Stardew Valley!

3) I stream on Twitch! You can catch me on the odd stream playing Stardew Valley with friends, under the name of GemGaming2k (Shameless plug I know ????)

4) I used to play clarinet and sing in my secondary school's choir and orchestra!

5) My Birthday is the 19th of May!

I hope you enjoyed those facts about me! Feel free to introduce yourself below and tell me your 5 Facts!

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Gem ????

Thalwyrn Marketing Manager