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Before Appealing Your Punishment:
Understand that you are not guaranteed to have your appeal accepted. You may not appeal the same punishment more than once, subsequent appeals for the same punishment will be denied. If you are appealing a punishment that is 24 hours or longer you must wait 24 hours before making your appeal. The only exception to this is inappropriate name/skin/cape punishments.

Now that's said you will need to find a few pieces of information:

  • Where the punishment happened? (I.E. In-Game, Discord, Forums?)
  • Your provided punishment reason. (This can be found on your in-game chat or ban message.)
  • Your In-Game name.
  • Your Discord ID.
  • Why you deserve to have your appeal accepted.

Punishment FAQ:

  • I was banned on the forums how do I appeal?
    • Sign up for a new account on the forums with your username as "{APPEAL} OLD-USERNAME"
    • If your username was john then your appeal account's name would be "{APPEAL} john"
  • I was banned on more than one account, what do I do?
    • Make one appeal per punished account we will then handle all of the appeals individually.
  • What is my Ban ID?
    • You can find your in-game Ban ID by reconnecting to the server, your Ban ID will be included in the ban message you are kicked with.
  • My account was compromised when I was banned, what do I do?
    • You will need to provide us with the following evidence alongside your standard appeal, post these in the Evidence Box.
      • Proof of changing your password
      • Proof of username/Microsoft account name matching
      • Proof of email/Microsoft account name matching


Now that you've gathered the required information go ahead and appeal your punishment HERE