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Changelog V0.0.4 - HUDs, Attributes and more!
2 minute read

Another day, another changelog! Hopefully, you guys are enjoying the more frequent changelogs that we've been releasing for you!


Changes & Fixes:

  • Our biggest change yet: Custom HUD!
    • We've added a custom HUD to the server, displaying all of the information that you could possibly want. Currently, we haven't modified it too much but it displays your health, stamina and mana, the number of arrows in your inventory as well as your balance and defence stat.
      • With this new addition, you can actually see how much stamina/mana/health you have while casting skills! Wow!
    • We'll be tweaking and changing the HUD to look nicer/display more useful information as time goes on.


  • Attributes have been modified overall:
    • Constitution and Intelligence attributes have been changed.
      • Your mana/stamina/health will now regenerate based on your max values outside of combat.
    • Luck and Faith attributes have also been changed.
      • Luck now gives an additional 50% experience bonus, for a total of 1.5%
      • Faith has been tweaked to reflect the new regeneration changes in Constitution and Intelligence.
    • Strength and Dexterity have been changed as well.
      • Strength now deals 4 more damage on critical strikes, for a total of 5 bonus damage.
      • Dexterity's critical strike chance increased by 50% for a total of 1.5%.
    • The Attribute GUI has also been modified to better reflect the bonuses the attributes give you.


  • Betonquest Changes:
    • Created new functions that check specific conditions. In essence, this allows me to create dialogue that dynamically changes based on decisions and conditions within the world.
      • Time conditions have been added.
      • Class conditions have been added.
    • Players are now completely hidden when talking to NPCs and players outside of conversations are hidden from players that are currently in one.


  • Warrior Class Changes:
    • This is probably the most exciting part of the changelog as progress is finally being made in a tangible way! I've begun the creation of the Warrior's skill set, as seen below. Skills in green are skills that have been completely created while skills in orange are passives.
        • Warrior regen has been buffed.
        • Blinding Slash and Shield Charge skills have been created.


Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
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Invisible Website Changes.
Invisible Website Changes.
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Changelog V0.0.3
Changelog V0.0.3
Ok, so once again hobo has been a wizard and done some backend changes for us. Here's a list of fixes & changes below. We actually do stuff I promise. Changes & Fixes: MMO Skill files are now stored in a central location making iteration and...
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