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Changelog V0.1.6 - New Look + Pets and Quests!
2 minute read

Hello! We've been busy.

Changes -

  • Buffed armour durability by 10x
  • Animals now spawn around OldPort
  • Animals now randomise their spawn location
  • Lowered early quests XP gain
  • Removed old item bank
  • Migrated most quests to the new map
  • A couple of quests are still awaiting coordinate migration
  • BQ (BetonQuest) did a massive overhaul so we had to rewrite all our quests to be compatible
  • Changed skills to limit the number of early-game skills slots the player gets
    • This is subject to change
  • Started work on a ring crafting introduction quest.

Additions +

  • New instanced dungeon accessible from LVL 15 
  • Re-Added skill dummy on the backend
  • Migrated to new item bank that will sync to MySQL
  • Quests
    • Joseph: Help him find his lost pickaxe
    • Seamstress: Help repair a jacket.
  • Added V1 weapon proficiencies
    • When using weapons to kill mobs you gain XP towards that weapon type, this allows you to do more damage over time and in the case of wands, use less mana.
    • (Other bonuses to be defined in the future)
  • Revamped the entire HUD screenshot here
  • Started creation of MQ4 (Main Quest 4)
  • Changed MQ3 to allow the questline to continue.
  • Added basic emojis in chat, I'll provide a list of them Soon™οΈ
  • Added V1 of pets
    • Some pets are rideable
    • The following pets were added
      • Cerberus
      • Direwolf (Rideable)
        • Normal variant
        • Desert variant
        • Tigia variant
      • Snails (Rideable)
        • Garden snail
        • Magma snail
      • Turtles (Rideable)
        • Royal
        • Small
      • Glow Fly
      • Otter
      • Shroom
      • Azriel Minion
      • Cavalier Fox
        • In future, this pet will fight for you and can level up
        • Can evolve
  • New Bosses have been added for use in future quests & dungeons.

Bug Fixes ????

  • Mining drops
  • Anvil (crafting) pickaxe display
  • Model data in crafting menus to display the correct icon
  • Tools
  • Repair kits
  • Profile item in the Tutorial world
  • Drop tables for some mobs (This still needs work to balance, we just fixed a technical issue)
  • Fixed MQ3 NPC locations
  • Phillip is back. YAY!
  • Fixed the skills menu from opening for some players.
    • Requires further testing.
  • Fixed escape menu

Known Issues β›”

  • Passive skills don't bind for the player.
  • Hud is a little jank still
  • Hostile mobs don't spawn randomly
  • Spawners need to be added
  • Skills can move NPCs on some occasions.
  • Mobs STILL escape their spawn locations.
  • Mob drops need a rework, we've not even looked at them yet lol.
Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
Hello again! We've continued to be busy. Sadly this changelog is a little later than I'd like it to be. There's still a lot here to go through though! We've also got a couple extra things that didn't make it to this changelog as they are still...
5 minute read
Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
Another builder log! Hello readers! I am back with another builder log keeping all of you posted on the building progress on the server!

All of our new builders have done a fantastic job at expanding the spawn region, making it exciting and...
1 minute read
 Builder log #3 - New builder recruits and HUGE progress!
Builder log #3 - New builder recruits and HUGE progress!
Hello people! We are excited to share some updates on the building progress that has been happening behind the scenes on Thalwyrn. Our team of dedicated builders have been hard at work to bring you new and exciting content to explore and enjoy....
2 minute read