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Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
5 minute read

Hello again!

We've continued to be busy. Sadly this changelog is a little later than I'd like it to be. There's still a lot here to go through though! We've also got a couple extra things that didn't make it to this changelog as they are still heavy in development but we hope to be able to tell you about them soon™οΈ

Alright then, without further ado here's changelog V0.1.7


Changes / Improvements: πŸ“

  • Started using ItemsAdder (IA) to deliver the resourcepack

    • IA allows us to quickly iterate with versions of the resourcepack, removing a lot of the headache when editing the pack.

    • IA also integrates with Cosmetics Core allowing us to add hats, balloons and backpack cosmetics. It also includes a wardrobe feature that lets you view cosmetics on your character before equipping them.

  • Improved Quests (This is honestly where most of our time has been spent since the last changelog, we have a few core features that we’re quite excited about but aren’t ready to show off yet)

    • Added Quest book using the Recipe Book (https://i.imgur.com/3027tnU.mp4)

      • Quests can be started/paused using the Recipe Book

      • You can switch between ongoing quests

      • When switching quests, the GPS will track the new quest you select.

        • This is not implemented for every quest yet, we have to go through and manually update every quest

      • Users will see the next objective for the currently selected quest at the top of the screen, this objective will automatically change when the user completes a portion of the quest or when switching to a new quest.

    • New quest tracker that always works

    • Added tracker to most quests, including main quests.

  • Added repeatable, randomly generated daily quests.

    • The first iteration of a Daily Quest system is separated into three categories:

      • Novice

      • Intermediate

      • Expert

      • More difficulties may be added for further “stages” within level progressions.

    • For now, there are no requirements to take a quest, but they may be gated behind levels, point requirements, karma and basically any system I can think of in the future.

      • Players select quests in a menu and can see their current quests and objectives in another menu.

        • Players can select up to three quests every day.

          • Each quest will be randomly generated. Rewards and requirements will be randomised based on the quest difficulty.

          • Completed Quests are also tracked and displayed on a separate menu.

            • Some uses include locking quests behind a requirement of completed quests, leaderboards, weekly contests, etc.

  • Improved upon the current shop system that we have.

    • Shops can now take into account your charisma attribute to change their prices for both purchasing/selling.

    • Shops also keep track of what is sold/bought from them and stores it in a “global stockpile”

      • Plans include having this global stockpile feature in quests and also potentially affecting the prices of items. FREE MARKET BAYBEEEE

  • Finished the current final quest of the storyline, needs a lot more polishing and testing before it can be fully considered finished.

  • Armour values have been tweaked.

    • The first wave of modifier changes have been done to light armour.

      • This essentially makes it so that higher tier items generate with higher tier modifiers more consistently.

      • 50+ modifiers are now available to the items.

  • A new kind of armour has been created, artisan gear.

    • This armour is specifically geared towards levelling up professions, giving bonuses to XP at the expense of offering very little protection.

  • Added Jewelry stations and profession.

    • Rings and Slotted rings can now be crafted using ores/gems

      • Added bonuses to your attributes such as constitution or profession.

  • Mobs now spawn randomly, independently from a spawner.

    • Levels change based on distance from spawn, for now.

  • Added several food items to begin the cooking profession.

    • Cooking food will give bonuses to attributes like health or XP bonuses.

    • Items include both ingredients and cooked foods.

  • Added Highland Queen Bee and Highland Bee mobs.

    • Basically just bees man.

    • Only attack when provoked.

  • Buffed acidic mushroom spawn rates as they were too low for the new jewellery profession.

  • The Catacomb area now spawns mobs, part of Main Quest 4 changes. The current level suggestion is 10.

    • Mobs include skeletons, zombies and volatile leaping spiders for fun :).

    • Now has a final boss, with tentative attacks and values (Thanks JP)

  • Changed how damage is dealt to players, it should now be a bit more forgiving.

  • Lowered default attack speed.

  • Added death animations to the player, with the possibility of further player-customizability.

  • Added skill slots to classes.

    • Classes can now only have X amount of skills bound instead of the default 8.

      • Warrior and archer start with 2 slots and mages start with 3 slots.

  • Added Bundles that contain multiple items in a single inventory slot

    • (There is no way to obtain them yet)

  • Public GitHub repository for reporting bugs, requesting features or enhancements and discussing potential improvements or optimizations, please follow the issue templates when submitting issues. (https://github.com/Thalwyrn/Thalwyrn)

  • We migrated the Discord bot to a custom-coded solution to better fit our requirements.

    • Allows users to request not to be mentioned with the “Don’t @ Me” role

    • It lets you create temporary voice channels you control by joining the “New VC” channel.

      • Also added a button panel that lets you;

        • Delete the channel

        • Rename it

        • Invite someone to it with a link

        • Ban someone from it (staff excluded)

        • Limite the total number of users in the channel

    • You can now send the bot a DM to open a Modmail ticket. We removed the button-based ticket system in favour of a private DM-based system.

    • The bot will also transcribe voice messages on request. (https://i.imgur.com/XGzsSnO.mp4)

Fixes: 🩹

  • Patched Breaker to not flood your client with packets, causing lag when mining.

  • Patched Breaker to not kick you when mining with your hand.

  • Fixed armour crafting not giving proper stats/modifiers.

    • Previously, items that were generated with high rarities such as legendaries, would spawn with a large amount of low-tier modifiers that buffed a single stat or two.

    • Rarer items will now generate a much higher likelihood of rarer modifiers, so now a legendary-grade chest plate will have the stats to reflect and differentiate it from lower-grade equivalents.

    • Further fixes are planned for the entire suite of weapons/armours currently available to players.



Known issues: 🐞

Sam’s Builder Log βš’οΈ

As always, Sam has also been busy quietly improving the entire server. Lets see what he's gotten up to.

πŸ‘€ New additions:

  • Added a ruined castle outside Oldport farm

  • New swamp town

  • New lumberjack town

  • Scattered a bunch of ‘map fillers’

    • Map fillers are basically smaller builds that the player will stumble across when exploring the map outside the main paths.

      • Campsites

      • Market stalls

      • Fields of wheat

      • Hunting towers

      • Tents

      • Caves

      • Wizard towers

To be added:

  • Viking town with a snow theme

  • Town with a mining theme

  • Lots more map fillers..


And finally, here's a few images from stuff Sam has been working on!






^ You didn't see anything

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