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Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
3 minute read

Hello once again! You'll have to excuse the delay in pushing out this changelog and content for the past week as I've been sick with covid but I've since recovered! Anyways, here's another changelog as well as an important announcement.

Firstly, I'm very happy to be able to tell you guys that both the Archer and the Warrior classes now have skills up to level 15, meaning that they are, in theory, ready to be tested out in the upcoming tester phase.

Secondly, I'd like to talk about the upcoming tester phase as well as some changes to our roadmap.  As it stands, we are still on track for a tester phase in October, maybe September if things go exceedingly well. The area and content that we are planning for you guys to explore is currently capped at level 15, so the level cap for the tester phase will also be set at 15. This allows us to test and fix our classes and their skills in increments rather than be flooded with a ton of issues. Additionally, the roadmap will be changing a bit. Initially, we had wanted for the players to have the Barbarian and Cleric classes available to them but we've instead opted to go for the classic "Archer, Warrior, Mage" trio instead. The other classes will still be created, just at a later date. I'll be posting a showcase of the three classes once they are ready on the website as well!

And finally, I'd like to update you guys on where we stand in terms of development. With the Warrior class now being ready for the tester phase, I will be shifting my focus towards the Mage class. Once that's done, I can get started on quests in the area of Old Port!

All told, progress is coming along quite smoothly and hopefully things stay that way. Anyways, here are the changes!


Changes & Fixes:


  • Warrior class now has 7 skills available from level 3 to 15 and 1 passive skill at level 15.
    • Skills are: Blinding Slash, Shield Charge, Brace, Overpower, Warrior's Mark, Ground Slam, Bide, and Sweeping Strikes.
  • Added rewards to the Archer class that gives additional skill/attribute points at certain increments of levels. This is a test for the feature and will be rolled out for all classes.
  • Fixed various typos within GUIs.
  • Fixed Flaming Arrow Barrage's description.
  • The Constitution attribute now gives defense instead of armor. (GUI and HUD have been updated to reflect this change as well).
  • Further balanced Stamina/Health regen (in general and for the Warrior class). Further testing will be needed to properly balance it.


There are a few other features that requires testing from testers once the tester phase rolls out. Most importantly is how our stamina/health/mana regeneration will work. As it stands, stamina and mana regenerates at their regular rates while in combat but receive a boost while out of combat while health does not regenerate at all in combat. There are a number of ways to tweak these values as well as change how and when player resources regenerate. Once the tester phase opens, I'll probably be testing out several different iterations over the course of a few days to see which one player's enjoy the most.

Anyways, that's basically all I have to update you guys on. As always, feel free to ping me or send us a message on the discord, we're always happy to talk! (Also don't forget to sign up to be a tester!)



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Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
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Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
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All of our new builders have done a fantastic job at expanding the spawn region, making it exciting and...
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Changelog V0.1.6 - New Look + Pets and Quests!
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