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Changelog V0.0.8 - First Main Quest Completion
1 minute read

Hello! It's me again! I'm happy to report that the first main quest of Old Port has been completed in terms of development. This main quest serves to primarily introduce the player to classes and their skills as well as attributes. Now that that's done, we move on to the second main quest! The current goal is to have 2-3 main quests within the area of Old Port, with additional side quests being added periodically. Once the main quests are done, it's just a matter of balancing and tweaking before we can release our pre-alpha tester phase! We're aiming for a release sometime around October 20th! Now, onto the changes.

Changes & Fixes:

  • Created the first main quest
    • Links directly from the tutorial to introduce the player to classes, skills and attributes
    • Has three sections
      • Captain Irwin
      • Guard Captain Triston
      • Tavernkeep Sam
    • Refer to the Git channel for more in-depth and specific changes that lead to the creation.
  • Created various variables/events in Functions.yml, mainly for development as it increases cohesiveness in quests.
  • Tested the first main quests and fixed various bugs/typos/errors
    • GPS trackers work correctly
    • Fixed a pesky little money-dupe glitch
    • Added an attribute section for Triston

Up next:  Our second main quest! Here, the player will be introduced to the gathering/crafting professions in much more depth than before along with the introduction of repair kits. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Changelog V0.1.4 - Updates and Changes!
Changelog V0.1.4 - Updates and Changes!
Heyo! I know it's been a while since our last changelog. I'll have to apologise for that, I've been extremely busy with life and school and haven't had time to work on the server as much as I wanted to. However, there's been a ton of changes and...
2 minute read
Changelog V0.1.3 - Meet the Jeweler
Changelog V0.1.3 - Meet the Jeweler
Hello! It's me! Hasn't been too long, but here's some of the latest changes and additions! + Additions: The Jewelry profession has been implemented for the first 2 tiers currently available to players.
Copper and Iron bands, gem slots and...
2 minute read
Changelog V0.1.2  Fixes, Changes, Models and... Professions?
Changelog V0.1.2 Fixes, Changes, Models and... Professions?
Hello! We got another changelog for you guys, and with our tester phase well underway, there are going to be more and more of these as changes are made and content is created. Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying our tester phase! Make sure to...
3 minute read