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Changelog V0.1.0 - Pre-alpha release!
1 minute read

Hello there.

We are currently aiming to release the pre-alpha on the 19th of October 2022 (Countdown in seconds)
The pre-alpha should be open 24-7 other than us taking the server down for maintenance when needed.
Everybody's player character has been wiped for the upcoming test. Please be aware player data will still be wiped in the future but we hope to avoid that for some time to let you guys build up a character.

We are limiting the player area to the Tutorial world & the area around Oldport & Oldport Farm, we will be slowly adding quests and filling out the area before releasing new places to explore. As of today, the main quests should take about 15-30 mins depending on how long you spend reading. More content will also be added gradually as they are developed and require testing such as: New professions, new crafting systems, new items and new mobs. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

As always if you find issues please report them on our Discord.

Changes & Fixes:

  • Implemented MQ3
  • Fixed skeleton mob
  • Fixed mob random spawns and levels
  • Fixed skills menu not opening
  • Conversation fixes and tweaks
  • Added new skill to the birch wand
  • Overhauled level 1-15 wands
Changelog V0.1.4 - Updates and Changes!
Changelog V0.1.4 - Updates and Changes!
Heyo! I know it's been a while since our last changelog. I'll have to apologise for that, I've been extremely busy with life and school and haven't had time to work on the server as much as I wanted to. However, there's been a ton of changes and...
2 minute read
Changelog V0.1.3 - Meet the Jeweler
Changelog V0.1.3 - Meet the Jeweler
Hello! It's me! Hasn't been too long, but here's some of the latest changes and additions! + Additions: The Jewelry profession has been implemented for the first 2 tiers currently available to players.
Copper and Iron bands, gem slots and...
2 minute read
Changelog V0.1.2  Fixes, Changes, Models and... Professions?
Changelog V0.1.2 Fixes, Changes, Models and... Professions?
Hello! We got another changelog for you guys, and with our tester phase well underway, there are going to be more and more of these as changes are made and content is created. Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying our tester phase! Make sure to...
3 minute read