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Changelog V0.1.2 Fixes, Changes, Models and... Professions?
3 minute read

Hello! We got another changelog for you guys, and with our tester phase well underway, there are going to be more and more of these as changes are made and content is created. Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying our tester phase! Make sure to apply for tester if you want to check out our content so far! And as always, feel free to shoot us a message on discord anytime!

This changelog has a ton of new content primarily with a lot of items getting their own new, custom models. If you notice that your items need to be updated, simply pick them up in your inventory and then place them back in, it should reload the model. Playing with models is also extremely finicky so we're sure to have missed a few bugs, make sure to ping Wild repeatedly for that.


And our biggest announcement: A new profession!

I've started the development of a new profession, jewellery crafting. We've finally managed to get our accessory plugin working so now you guys get rings and amulets! There's a ton of info for you guys at the bottom of the changelog. I've not fully finished or implemented the new profession but I should be done relatively soon (Next week?)


In addition, we're also revamping many of the items, especially the crafted ones! Our goal is to finally make it feel like crafting a legendary item feels like, well, you crafted a legendary item. So look forward to that!


+ Fixes:

  • Various fixes for the tutorial and main quests.
    • Mainly typo fixes and clarifications
  • Adjusted health of Rotter in Old Port Farm
  • Hoes/Wood axes now have durability bars
  • All basic attacks for wands no longer require mana
  • Shield Charge no longer yeets other players (SadgeFace)
    • Might make that into a minigame
  • The blackhole skill for the void bow now has a proper cooldown, deals damage and pulls mobs towards it.
  • Various tweaks with player skills.

- Changes:

  • Added new models for shafts, hopefully, reducing confusion between shafts and handles.
  • Added new models for hoes, hopefully, reducing confusion between axes and hoes.
  • Added new models for ores.
  • Added a new model for cobblestone.
  • Added a new model for arrows.
  • Added new models for pickaxes.
  • Added new models for wood axes.
  • Added new models to reagents
  • Changed the model for bank notes to Coin Purses.
  • Added new models for uncut gems.
  • Added quest item  - syringe
  • Updated XP curves for professions.
    • Fiber Processing requirements have been increased because of how easy it is to acquire raw fibres.
    • Mining has also been tweaked.
    • Overall XP curves have been given a steeper ramp-up, subject to further tweaking.
  • Changed NPC skins in Old Port
  • Updated the resource pack.
  • Leaping volatile spiders are now even more terrifying

+ Additions:

  • Finished the creation of the first side quest in Old Port Farm
  • MrNetwork is now part of the development team!
  • New quest items
  • A slew of new custom models have been added but still, need to be implemented into proper items.
  • Major Feature Addition
    • Jewellery Crafting has finally begun development and is already about halfway done.
    • Players start off by making metal bands using the metal ingots available to them.
      • Metal bands confer little bonuses to the player and are an intermediary crafting stage.
    • Players then also craft gem slots for their respective metals.
    • Players can now process uncut gems into cut gems.
      • Comes in two qualities: Normal and Superior
      • Cut gems are used with metal bands and gem slots to create slotted rings
        • Slotted rings have all the proper bonuses you'd imagine seeing on accessories.
      • Cut gems have two reagents: Jewelry Acid and Abrasive Sand
        • Jewellery acid is found from hunting a new mob: The cute little mushroom!
          • Is used to create superior-quality gems
        • Abrasive sand is found while mining.
          • Increases the yields of cutting gems.
    • With this new profession comes almost 100 new items with custom models for you to hoard. Some of the higher-level items are still using placeholder textures, however.
      • Added Gem slots, metal bands, uncut and cut gems and slotted rings.
    • There's now also a new crafting station available to players: Jewelry Station
      • This station is where you craft metal bands, gem slots, and slotted rings and cut gems.
    • Much of this is still experimental, so your feedback is greatly needed!

That's mostly it for the changelog, as always, feel free to contact us whenever on discord! See ya next time!


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