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Changelog V0.1.3 - Meet the Jeweler
2 minute read

Hello! It's me! Hasn't been too long, but here's some of the latest changes and additions!

+ Additions:

  • The Jewelry profession has been implemented for the first 2 tiers currently available to players.
    • Copper and Iron bands, gem slots and slotted rings are now fully craftable.
    • Gems can now be cut at the jewelry station.
      • New reagents that increase yields/give better stats to rings have been added to the game.
    • Gems now have new custom models
    • Cut gems and slotted rings have fine variants now.
  • Added a new mob - the Donkey!
    • Drops Coarse Hide, which now has two drop sources
  • Added a new mob - the Acidic Mushroom!
    • Drops the reagent Jewelry Acid, which is used to refine gems
    • Careful when attacking them, as they do pack a surprising punch.
  • Added new item stats such as additional XP boosts and attributes.
  • Added some quest items.
  • MrNetwork and Wild have started to implement several new quests, including one that's fully playable.
    • Go find Ada near the stables to start!

- Changes:

  • Pig spawn rates have been buffed slightly.
  • Modifiers, the bonus random stats given to items, have been changed slightly for armors.
    • Higher tier items should now give better stats on average
  • Increased XP and profession requirement for gold smelting
  • All attributes now cap at 100 instead of 50
    • This was done as jewelry can now buff your attributes by X amounts.
    • Bonuses given by stats have been slightly nerfed so that items such as armor and jewelry actually have a benefit.




+ Fixes

  • Fixed various model errors, including the woodaxes.
  • Small GUI fix in attribute menu

That's mostly it. There are a few things that I am currently working on, the major one being a massive item and crafting overhaul so that you guys have more content to explore! As always, feel free to message us on discord!

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