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Changelog V0.1.5 - New Lands to Explore.
2 minute read

Woah! It's been a while, I feel like I say this every time. But we've actually been busy we promise.

Build updates:

Hello everyone! I have made a lot of progress on the map so far. I hope our testers will enjoy all the new content of the new Thalwyrn world! Below are some of the build news:

- Oldport has been moved to the new world and placed in a beautiful new setting surrounded by beaches, forests, mountains and a swamp. This new environment has been filled with hidden secrets and structures for all of you to go out seeking for.

- Oldport Farm has gotten a complete revamp and has been placed onto the new world. Just a few blocks away from Oldport you'll find yourself surrounded by big trees, wheat- and flower fields as well as some unique buildings. Just walk straight out from the exit gates of Oldport, follow the path and you will be able to enter the gates of the new Oldport farm!

- BIG NEWS! A starter dungeon has been built for all of you to explore. Fight off dangerous mobs solo or with friends in a completely unique overgrown cave filled with hidden loot chests.

  •  Populated the first dungeon with mobs
  • (The dungeon is currently unfinished and will require a key to open which is currently unobtainable


- A new quarry has been built, and on top of the quarry is a new building that you can explore if you are getting tired of mining.

On the agenda:
- Move over all the towns and villages from the old world to the new one.
- Additional dungeon.
- Add structures and other map filters to the Oldport area.
- Build new towns (Ideas so far: pirate cove, tropical island, stilt-town). If you have some other theme ideas for the towns. Reply under the following post (LINK-HERE).




Hobo's Updates!
I am alive albeit busy! Here are my changes and additions!

+ Additions:

  • Added 3 new skills to the mage class in preparation for the level 30 expansion.
    • These skills are Teleport, thunderclap, and bouncing fireball

- Changes:

  • Channel Elements Description is now clearer.
  • Fixed Fireball description

- Fixes:

  • Skills will now appear on the action bar as usual.
  • Removed Default Skill Trees

Planned work:

With the coming of dungeons, I suppose I should start revamping loot and items so that's on the way! I will be revising how and what items are dropped. With the new changes, items that are not useful to the player's class should no longer drop! I will also be creating a bunch of new loot, particularly when it comes to bows and wands as well as general loot. Hopefully, it is a noticeable and desired change!


Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
Changelog V0.1.7 - Quest Tracker, Shops (WIP), and Jewellery Crafting!
Hello again! We've continued to be busy. Sadly this changelog is a little later than I'd like it to be. There's still a lot here to go through though! We've also got a couple extra things that didn't make it to this changelog as they are still...
5 minute read
Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
Builder log #4 - The undergrounds..
Another builder log! Hello readers! I am back with another builder log keeping all of you posted on the building progress on the server!

All of our new builders have done a fantastic job at expanding the spawn region, making it exciting and...
1 minute read
Changelog V0.1.6 - New Look + Pets and Quests!
Changelog V0.1.6 - New Look + Pets and Quests!
Hello! We've been busy. Changes - Buffed armour durability by 10x Animals now spawn around OldPort Animals now randomise their spawn location Lowered early quests XP gain Removed old item bank Migrated most quests to the new map A couple of...
2 minute read