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Changelog V0.0.2 - Tutorial Fixes & Future Plans.
2 minute read

Changelog V0.0.2 - Tutorial Fixes & Future Plans.
+ Fixes:
• placeholders in MMOItems
• respawn location for tutorial cave
• goblin shaman no longer gives nausea effect
• marble flax crafting
• goblin shamen no longer teleports himself
• reduced boat captain speech for it to fit on screen
• mob damage indicators

- Changes:
• layout of woodworking crafting UI rearranged to make more sense
• buffed the tutorial sword (Ancelot's Copper Dirk)
• nerfed goblin & shamen damage & health
• added GPS locations to the following:
    - Bank
    - Hemp
    - Cave
    - Port
• added notifications for when the player is gathering hemp
• notification when entering the cave before you are ready now teleports you to Ancelot instead of Phillip
• added item holograms for materials in the tutorial
• Boat Captain will now teleport you to the main world

! Known Issues:
• /tutorial text is not current
• fibre and wood drops straight to inventory instead of dropping
• it is possible to escape the tutorial
• upon logging in for the first time it is possible you may not be teleported to the tutorial please let us know if this affects you.
• mob leashes are very bugged, mobs will often escape to places not intended.
• player heads & players in UI appear as black or blank (this is a Mojang issue and can't be fixed without updating to 1.19)
• item slots for rings etc don't have a proper texture and are nonfunctional
• Player head for the profile item is invisible
• Ancelot's descriptions of wood and stone hide the option to continue the conversation.

? Planned Stuff:
• overhaul all professions
    - item drops
    - item loot tables
    - drop effects
    - etc
• New class; Barbarian. High DPS Slow movement. 1v1 Style, little CC abilities.
• New class; Cleric. Healing & Buffs, High DPS for undead mobs. Standard healer.
• New profession; Jewellery. Create items with lasting passive buffs, wearable.
• New profession; Cooking. Make tasty food for powerful temporary buffs.
• Item reworking and balance pass
• Creating new items (weapons, armour, jewels, crafting items)
• Implement the first main storyline quest. (20 min playtime) Wooo! ๐ŸŽ‰
    - Will include tutorials on skills, abilities & classes.
• Open testing for the main quest when implementing
• overhaul drop tables for mobs
• Planned week-long testing phase (Soon™)
• Future planned open closed alpha.
• Possible update to 1.19 depending on compatibility (We will use a plugin to disable chat reporting entirely).

Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
Hello once again! You'll have to excuse the delay in pushing out this changelog and content for the past week as I've been sick with covid but I've since recovered! Anyways, here's another changelog as well as an important announcement. Firstly,...
3 minute read
Changelog V0.0.4 - HUDs, Attributes and more!
Changelog V0.0.4 - HUDs, Attributes and more!
Another day, another changelog! Hopefully, you guys are enjoying the more frequent changelogs that we've been releasing for you! ย  Changes & Fixes: Our biggest change yet: Custom HUD! We've added a custom HUD to the server, displaying all of...
2 minute read
Invisible Website Changes.
Invisible Website Changes.
I've made a couple of changes in the interest of improving page load speed. Hopefully, it worked. We've migrated away from my awful Webhosting service to a dedicated VPS and now use Cloudflare to cache images and static site content so your page...
1 minute read