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2022 Road Map
2 minute read

Hello! It's me again! As summer is coming to a close, development, paradoxically enough, should begin to ramp up as I start school and procrastinate my assignments. I thought you guys would appreciate a roadmap of what we plan to do in the upcoming months. Please note that the timeframes are subject to change without notice. We've done quite a bit of backend changes and QoL changes that you wouldn't be able to notice nor would you be too interested in hearing (Sorry Wild).

๐Ÿ˜ข- Wild


  • Updates, updates, updates:
    • We plan on updating most of our plugins to their latest, stable versions
    • We plan on moving to 1.19.2 (And also disabling the chat reporting system)
    • I will be updating our MMOCore systems to reflect the newest changes pushed to the plugin
      • These include: overhauling the profession system, overhauling player resource regeneration, overhauling waypoints (shrines can now be linked), changing how levelling up works
  • Classes:
    • I will finally finish the last of the barbarian skills.
    • Start and hopefully finish the cleric skills
  • Quests:
    • Once the above is done, I will begin implementing the first of the main storyline quests, a 20-minute-ish quest that will serve as a way to introduce players to the overworld as well as our class and skill system.
  • Closed Alpha (Maybe?)
    • Should all of this go smoothly?? Near the end of the month, we will hopefully be opening an alpha testing phase to our Testers.


  • Bug Fixing:
    • Once our alpha testing phase closes temporarily, we will be fixing all the reported bugs.
  • Mythic Mobs Overhaul:
    • There will be a massive overhaul for our mobs
      • Mobs will have elemental damages/weaknesses/immunities
      • Classes will also have the same
      • Mobs will drop more varied/interesting loot
      • New mobs will be created (at a low priority)
  • Classes:
    • Mages, Paladin and Rogue classes will start development
    • Skills may be changed/updated for better functionality
  • Quests:
    • The second main storyline quest will begin production
    • Sidequests will be added to Old Port/Old Port Farm
  • Permanent Closed Alpha:
    • Once all this is done, hopefully, we can permanently open a closed alpha server for better bug testing/implementation


  • New professions will be added (May be moved up):
    • Cooking and Jewelry
    • With these professions, we'll add their respective items such as food and rings.
  • Expansion of Testing Area
    • Testing Area will expand further out into the wild


  • Dungeons (?)
    • If our production plans go, well, to plan, hopefully, we can add dungeons to the server!
  • Christmas break and downtime.
    • Server Development will likely slow down with the holidays and exam season.
    • Expect bug fixes and maintaining progress so far.
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