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Changelog V0.0.3
1 minute read

Ok, so once again hobo has been a wizard and done some backend changes for us. Here's a list of fixes & changes below. We actually do stuff I promise.

Changes & Fixes:

  • MMO Skill files are now stored in a central location making iteration and changes easier to implement.
  • Elemental damage has been added to the server with 9 types of damage currently (this is very early and very unfinished)
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Earth
    • Wind / Air
    • Thunder / Electric
    • Darkness / Void
    • Holy / light
    • Poison
    • Acid (Not implemented yet)
  • Began investigation on how to allow worn items to provide attribute bonuses such as
    • Strength
    • Charisma
    • etc
    • etc
    • you get the idea.
  • Elemental damage has been added to the archer class
    • Poison
    • fire
    • thunder
  • Implementing better targeting for skills
  • healing skills only target friendlies
  • damaging skills only target hostiles
  • Skills are now affected by your player levels and attribute levels
    • I didn't even know this wasn't implemented yet Imao - Wild
  • We are currently testing a fix for mobs escaping their spawn regions
  • passive mobs now only spawn on grass
  • mob spawning has been tuned down to be less aggressive
  • misc fixes we can't remember lol

Up next

  • warrior skill tree and skill effects
  • mage after that
  • feature pass for classes hopefully finished by the 21st
  • then quest implementation probably
Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
Changelog V0.0.5 - Updates, Classes, Announcements!
Hello once again! You'll have to excuse the delay in pushing out this changelog and content for the past week as I've been sick with covid but I've since recovered! Anyways, here's another changelog as well as an important announcement. Firstly,...
3 minute read
Changelog V0.0.4 - HUDs, Attributes and more!
Changelog V0.0.4 - HUDs, Attributes and more!
Another day, another changelog! Hopefully, you guys are enjoying the more frequent changelogs that we've been releasing for you! ย  Changes & Fixes: Our biggest change yet: Custom HUD! We've added a custom HUD to the server, displaying all of...
2 minute read
Invisible Website Changes.
Invisible Website Changes.
I've made a couple of changes in the interest of improving page load speed. Hopefully, it worked. We've migrated away from my awful Webhosting service to a dedicated VPS and now use Cloudflare to cache images and static site content so your page...
1 minute read